Saturday, June 11, 2011 8:15pm-2:15pm CST

Dear All:

Well, we arrived safely in Bamenda. Here is how the day went:

Got up at 6 as we were supposed to leave at 7. Driver was a bit late and we actually pulled out at 7:45. It was raining and I had noticed that a part of our luggage was not fully protected and I made mention of that to Jean Claude. He said it would be OK and we could look at it in Bonaberi. Against my better judgment I accepted what he said and when we got to Bamenda, sure enough a bunch of stuff in our boxes (suit cases) were wet. Of course, the clothes will dry but the envelopes will dry and cannot be used again to stuff them as they are already closed. We picked Vincent and Louis on the road and then stopped at a petrol station and bought a few things. The trip was without incident and we arrived at 2. On the way we went through Dschang where a brother named Justin lives with his wife and small son. He has recently started receiving some support from an American church and couple. We are staying at the Mondial Hotel where we usually stay. They do have a new automatic front door. We have hot water. There is a switch on the wall and you flip it and then do a couple of other things in the bathroom to get the water hot. We have phones in our rooms where we can call each other and they actually work! There is no A/C nor fan which is OK because we are at a much higher altitude and the temperature is great. Oh, you will notice 3 of our team members below working very hard. Hey, it is hard work to saw all of those logs. It ain’t easy work, er, it aren’t easy work! Met with some of the churches we will work with. These meetings do not always tell the story of how ready they are so tomorrow we will learn more. Had a great supper tonight. All of us, except for Kurt, had ordered chicken with fries and rice. He had spaghetti. Well, when we got down to the hotel restaurant they had prepared a very nice salad along with all of the other stuff. Kurt then came up to my room and we visited for awhile. I have been so blessed in the past 20 years to be under the best eldership that I have ever seen. He is one of our shepherds and a true blessing. I will work tomorrow in Batibo and pray that the Lord will bless the morning. Have some more stuff to do so will sign off for now. Oh, the email is now working. Don’t know why but not complaining. Please continue to keep us in prayer.




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