Wednesday, June 08, 2011 12:20pm – 12:20pm CST

Dear All:

Am writing from 35,000 feet (or so) and will write several more times before I actually send this from Douala. This trip is a bit different because instead flying straight to Europe we are going through New York. Flight is about 3 hours from Dallas, 2 hour layover, 9 hours to Zurich, 5 hour layover and then 6 hours to Douala. If my math is correct that equals 25 hours! That made me tired just thinking about it! Woke up around 5 and my mind was racing so got up and did some work. Kurt and Jean picked me at 7:15 and we headed to the airport. Traffic was a bit heavy but no problems. We got in with no problems and were at the gate about 2 hours early. I got a pretzel and will wait now until I get some great airplane food which will be on the flight from NY to Zurich. For some years we have been flying Air France through Paris but this flight to Zurich was several hundred dollars cheaper. Will write more later.

Wednesday – 9:10pm-7:10pm CST

Landed with no problems and the gate we flew out of in NY was only a short distance from where we landed. Kurt went and got a big hamburger (his words) and we left on schedule. I figgered after his big hamburger that he would not want much supper but I was wrong! He must have a tape worm or some such thing. Supper was wonderful as airplane food is always great. We have about 6 more hours and then we will hang around the Zurich airport. I think I may try and get some sleep tonight.

Thursday, 9:00am-2:00am CST

Well, we made it to Zurich and will take off in about 3+ hours. The pictures below are of:

  1. Our grandson KB on ‘the throne’
  2. The most beautiful woman in the world.


    Will write more as the day goes on and either send tonight or tomorrow. We are scheduled to land at 6:10pm tonight in Douala.


    Thanks for your continued prayers.





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